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Staffing 101

Industry Basics

A program directed to the new, nearly new, and more experienced recruiters, sales representatives, and all others who would like a comprehensive one-day deep dive into the wonderful world of staffing.

This is a full day boot camp on the nuts and bolts of the staffing industry, from an industry overview through sourcing, screening, matching and sales/customer service requirements. 

Sample Topics Include:

Industry Overview



Order Taking



One of Apex SCG's most popular and well-attended educational programs. 

Staffing 201

Problem Solving

Staffing 201 is a program directed to the more experienced recruiters, sales representatives, and all others who would benefit from a comprehensive one-day highly interactive, situational based, training on overcoming the most common problems in the Staffing Industry. 

Sample Topics Include: 

Industry Problem Solving

Customer Care


This is the 201 Bootcamp everyone has been asking for!

Boot Camp

Deep Dive

Bootcamp is a 3 - 5 day class to supplement your new hire training program. It is built with a "plug and play" methodology.  This format offers time to deliver customized training on your company's history, processes, ATS, and much more.

Recruiter, Sales, and Onsite options available.

Staffing Sales 101

Achieve Your Goals

The right activities lead to results. This course focuses on improving the skills of key activities. Designed for new Business Development professionals in the Staffing Industry. 

Sample Topics Include:

Staffing Industry Basics


Lead Generation


Cold Calling


Solution Presenting

Overcoming Challenges

OnSite Essentials

Strengthen Your Program

OnSite Essentials teaches the fundamentals of running an Onsite program. This workshop is designed for new or seasoned professionals.

Sample Topics Include:

Knowing your Program

Designing Effective Orientations 

Risk Management


Associate Coaching & Counseling

Reporting Basics

Customer Care

Conquering Turnover

Becoming a Valuable Partner

Custom Classes

Expert Guidance

Custom classes are the perfect fit for companies looking for Best in Class training delivered on a consistent basis. The content is designed for either Apex or you to deliver. Train-the-trainer program optional. Contact us for more information.

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